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-Crown and Sash-

  • When will my crown and sash arrive?

Sashes are ordered on the 15th and 30th of each month. They take about 4-6 weeks to arrive and are shipped the following 1-2 Business days to you. 

  • What happens if I break my crown?

If at any point during your titleholder journey your crown breaks you will need to purchase a replacement crown for $35 plus shipping. 

  • What happens if my sash doesn't fit?

Upon ordering your appointed title the sizes of each divisional sash was listed. If you did not note that you would need a bigger size you would be responsible for purchasing a replacement sash for $65 plus shipping.

  • Could I purchase my own temporary sash from another vendor while I wait for my official sash?

No, delegates and parents are not permitted to replicate or have another vendor replicate the NEM sashes. Delegates who do so will be removed from the roster and banned from future pageants.

  • Can I have another vendor add my name to the back of my sash?

No, to allow for the overall consistency and look of our sashes we do not permit anyone to make any alterations to the sash, including adding a name. If you forgot to add your name at sign up, you can reach out to the National Office and we will provide you with the shipping address to have your name added. You would be responsible for all shipping costs to and from as well as the name placement.

  • What happens to my crown and sash if I no longer plan to attend nationals?

We understand that things happen, but if you no longer can attend nationals you can either pay the $125 withdrawal fee and keep the crown and sash, or you can return it to the National Office to avoid the withdrawal fee.


  • How do I know when my payments are due?

Upon accepting your appointed title we sent an email to the email address to the email used on the sign up form with your payment due dates.  They are also due 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days from the date that you got your appointed title. 

  • What happens if I miss a payment?

If for some reason you missed a payment we allow a grace period of 10 days before we remove a delegate from the roster. If it is passed your 10 day grace period and you have already been removed from the roster you would need to make your missed payment and a $100 reinstatement fee to continue your journey with NEM. 

  • What happens to my payments if I can no longer attend nationals?

When signing up for an appointed title you made a commitment to attend Nationals. We do understand that sometimes things happen, however, should you no longer be able to attend all payments would be forfeited. Under no circumstance does NEM refund payments. 

  • When are my Optional payments due?

You can pay your optional fees at any time, however, the final deadline is June 15th,  2023.

-Bigs and Littles Program-

  • What is the bigs and littles program?

We introduced this program at the very beginning of NEM and it was a big hit. We will pair you with either a delegate in the junior division or the senior division depending on your placement. Once paired it is up to the delegates to create and establish a bond. It's important to remember you get out what you put in, if you want your big and little program to be successful it is up to you. 

  • When will I be assigned my big or little?

Upon being accepted for an appointed title your name is entered into a waiting list to be paired with the next available big or little. Once you have paid your National Fee ($750) in full you will be assigned to the next available.

  • What happens if a big or little doesn't become available before the registration deadline?

Throughout the year we watch our delegates to see how they handle their title and the programs we offer. At the end of registration if a big or little did not become available for you, we will pair you with a delegate that we feel is capable of handling two bigs or littles.

  • What happens if my big or little doesn't participate?

It is important to let the National Office know immediately if your big/little isn't participating with you. We will first reach out to your current big/little to try to fix the relationship. If it is unsuccessful you will be moved back to the waiting list to be paired with another big/little.

  • What happens if my big/little was removed because of my nonparticipation. 

If you were assigned a big/little already and you did not participate, and ultimately the big/little was repaired, you have been moved to a separate list and would need to contact the National Office to be repaired.


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