National Fees


To begin your journey to the #Extraordinary7 you will need to obtain your State Appointed Title. The State Appointed Title fee is $150 and will.. 

* Reserve the Title of your choice. 

* Reserve your spot in the National Pageant. 

* Receive State Crown. 

* Receive a double row rhinestone studded State Banner. 

Once your State Appointed Title application and payment has been processed you are officially registered for the National Pageant. The National Pageant fee is $560 and will be broken into 4 payments of $140. 

  • Payment 1($140) is due within 30 days of your appointed title fee being processed. 

  • Payment 2 ($140) is due by October 1st, 2021.

  • Payment 3 ($140) is due by January 1st, 2022.

  • Payment 4 ($140) is due by June 1st, 2022. 

  • Optional Payments due by July 1st, 2022.

In order to keep your appointed title and National registration it is important that you follow the payment plan. If a payment is missed, your national registration will be removed from the system, and your title will become available to be reclaimed. If you would like to continue to nationals, if your title is still available, the missed payment must be paid in full with a $100 late fee. If your title has already been claimed, you must reapply and pay for a new state title. 

If you are receiving a title after a payment date has passed, you must pay $140 every 30 days until you are in the current payment bracket. 

Your National fee will... 

* Enter you in all Mandatory Events (Evening Gown, Runway, Interview, Community Involvement)

* Include National Ad Page. 

* Include National Scholarship Fee.

* Include National Photography Package.

* Include National T-Shirt. 

* Include National Participation Trophy. 

* Qualify for the National Title. 

* Qualify for the Academic Achievement Award. 

* Qualify for the Angel Ambassador Award. 

* Qualify for the Heart of Service Award. 

* Qualify for the Miss Congeniality Award. 

* Qualify for the Miss Spirit Award. 

* Qualify for the People's Choice Award. 

Optionals event prices vary per event and they are available for purchase per event in our payment center. Please be sure of the events you are entering, once a payment has been processed for an optional, no refund will be given regardless if you participate the optional or not. 

Other Fees/Expenses to expect:

  • Opening Number Dress, Earrings, and/or shoes (NEM is narrowing down final decisions on these items currently)

  • Gift for exiting National Queen of your Division

  • Gift for new Reigning Queen of your division

  • Silent Auction Basket for the Silent Auction