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TN & Virginia State Registration
Shirt Size
Please Select Your Optionals

By checking the box below I understand and agree that I am required to bring 5 new with tags, SNAP FRONT slippers for our National Platform. (Size preemie, newborn, or 0-3 months accepted) *

I understand and agree that I am required to pay a $50 Scholarship Fee and $50 Photography Fee.

 I understand and agree that ALL fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable to any other party, person, or event under any circumstance. The only time refunds are given is if the pageant is CANCELLED (not moved).

I understand and agree the National extraordinary Miss, LLC, it's directors, staff, volunteers, and affiliates can not be held responsible or liable for any damages, theft, or injuries to individuals on their property or event property or any event involving an appearance representing National Extraordinary Miss, LLC. I understand that National Extraordinary Miss, it's directors, staff, volunteers, and affiliates are not responsible for prizes that sponsors have decided to withdraw. Furthermore, I understand that they are not required to send me any items upon my decision to no longer complete in the state pageant.

I understand and Agree that if I win any title at the State Pageant I am required to attend the National Pageant in June of 2021. I understand agree that I am NOT prevented from participating in other pageants that do not affect my duties and responsibility for NEM should I win a state title.

I understand and agree that cameras are not allowed in the venue. I understand that I am required to purchase the photography package and the State Photographer will receive a 1 month turn around time on getting photos out. I will not contact the state director, national director, or photographer about photos until it has been 1 month since the state pageant. 

I understand and agree that if my crown or sash is in need of being replaced I will be charged for the replacement. ($25 per crown plus shipping and $30 per sash plus shipping) 

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